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Movie will focus on life of Springs evangelist Nicky Cruz

July 24th 2009 in Articles

Mainstream film to focus on Cruz saga
Problems with Christianity, family life to be depicted

Ex-gang member Nicky Cruz’s 1968 autobiography, “Run Baby Run,” became a bestseller and launched a movie two years later. Now a new movie will focus on his story of turning his life around through Christianity. Photo provided by Nicky Cruz Outreach.

Ex-gang member Nicky Cruz’s 1968 autobiography, “Run Baby Run,” became a bestseller and launched a movie two years later. Now a new movie will focus on his story of turning his life around through Christianity. Photo provided by Nicky Cruz Outreach.

By Mark Barna
The Gazette
July 23, 2009

Nicky Cruz is well known in evangelical circles as the former gang member who turned his life around after converting to Christianity.

His autobiography, published in 1968, became a best-seller, and his life provided fodder for “The Cross and the Switchblade” a 1970 movie starring Erik Estrada.

But Cruz, who leads a Christian outreach organization in Colorado Springs, remains relatively unknown to the general public.

That may change next summer when a feature film about Cruz’s life is scheduled to hit movie theaters.

David Urabe, president of Convolo Productions in Los Angeles, wants to bring Cruz’s story to a mainstream audience, not just a Christian one, as was largely the case with the 1970 movie.

The new film, tentatively titled “Run Baby Run: The Life Story of Nicky Cruz,” has a $12 million budget, Urabe said.

The director is Antoine Fuqua, who directed the 2001 film “Training Day,” which made more than $76 million at the U.S. box office. The screenwriter is Gregory Anderson, who wrote “Stomp the Yard,” which made nearly $61.4 million in the U.S. in 2007.

Cruz, the film’s creative consultant, said it will not be a “cheesy” Christian movie. It will be critical of how mainstream Christianity has been practiced over the last 10 years, he said, and will delve into the world of dysfunctional families.

“I hope that teenagers and parents looking for release from their problems will finding something helpful in it,” he said.

You don’t have to wait for the film to come out to find out more about Cruz. He’s speaking during the 9 and 11 a.m. services Sunday at The Springs Church, 640 Chapel Hills Drive. For more information, call the church at 488-8331

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The Gazette

The Gazette

Run, Baby, Run:

Book: Run, Baby, Run

Book: Run, Baby, Run

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“Movie will focus on life of Springs evangelist Nicky Cruz”
Elayne de Moura Castro Vieira

I am Brazilian, and I admire this man. I am very anxious for this movie and even more anxious for him to arrive in my country. Continue in this war …

chan kah wai

heloo there, i had read your book named ” run baby run” and yeah it was a touchinf story and i was told by my uncle about your story.

Anyway well done and keep a good work

marilyn mateo

hola, Dios le bendiga..God bless you..
i have read your books, “soul obsession”and “run baby run” so that make me your #1 fan BABY..
these books were powerful ,and amazing what God can do in our life if we just let Him do His work in us..His love will always be a mistery to me,and will never understand it…no matter how many times we fall short of His glory..Jesus will always love us unconditional..i’m looking forward for this movie to come out keep me posted..and nicky keep doing the good works God has put you to do…i know your not finished yet, but neighter am i..blessing to you and your family.
your sister in Christ


I think your journey was probably rough but how u turned your life around is amazing i am christian too and i absolutely love it.


when i was a young kid my dad read run baby run and it always stuck with me and helpet me with my walk with god , just resently i pick it up and it means so much more to me now, am fulled with joy to know they is a new film comming out i have been praying for this , because the older film is good but dated and i am looking forward to seeing this film change peoples lifes this world is so in need of Gods truth , so i will be praying for this film and thanking God For putting that prayer on my heart God Bless You . ps sorry about the bad spelling

Mitchel Stevens

At 12 years old I read my first complete book ever, it was Run Baby Run. The hard hitting truth and powerful images are why this book changed my life and thousands of others. The book described the events of Nicki’s life in a non-compromising straight forward realty. I am a Christ follower (a Christian). therefore, I must say this, for this movie to have the impact that the book certainly did it must have an R rating. This rating would assure the movie would have a chance to be as or more effective than the book. The profanity, the drug use, and the violence must not be compromised to appease any denomination, or political organization. The aforementioned should not be glorified either. The true glory belongs to Christ Jesus and his ability to change a person when nothing else can. I hope the producers and Nickie will be influenced by this comment and others who are in agreement.

Jonathan Heinzen de Moraes

Olá. Sou brasileiro. Desde que descobri sobre a vida de Nicky Cruz fiquei muito admirado pelo que Seus fez com ele. Creio que este novo filme será uma benção assim como foi o outro, para mim e para tantos outros que assistiram. Estou orando por seu ministério Nicky, pra que Seus possa o abençoar muito em tudo aquilo que você fizer.
“Bem-aventurado o que acode ao necessitado; o SENHOR o livra no dia mal.O SENHOR o protege, preserva-lhe a vida e o faz feliz na terra;…” Salmos 41:1-2.


Praise God! This movie is going to be powerful and will change lives! Let’s support this film brothers and sisters in Christ. We must!

Lucy Michel

Nicky, you are a blessed vessel, God uses you in great way to reach out to those that are where you were. I ministered in the juvenal hall and CYA for many years, my heart was so broken. This are young man and woman that are empty in the inside, they are lonely, so full of ange, bitterness; longing for what is missing in their lives.
I remember the first time I was invited to the JUvenal Hall facility, my heart was brorken to see these kids caged up, like animals, I could not halped it but cry,I my heart ache and felt such love for all of them at the same time. After the first time there, you could not keep me out. The kids would look forward to the day we would come. God is so good. You are doing such a wonderful work, and I knoow All GLORY is giving to God!. You know, everyone need the right tool for the right job, as every job is defferent, you are the right tool God is using to work in the hearts of this His childrren. I love yoy and your wife, and may God continue to charpen you to keep on piercing hearts with your YOUR SWORD, THE WORD OF GOD!, the same SWORD that pierced your heart. Blessings from the bottom of my heart. My love and prayers are with you


Back in the mid 1970′s, being a voracious reader and with no money to buy books that I liked, I picked up a second hand copy of Run Baby Run (although my memory says it was called The Cross and The Switchblade, like the movie) and started reading, never expecting to finish it, but I did. Shortly after, the subject of the story, Nicky Cruz, came to a small town in Northern Ontario called Thunder Bay, to tell his story and talk about the power of Christianity. He spoke at our arena, the Garrdens. I grew up in a neighborhood with drugs and violence. where I could easily have gotten off track, and it took a lot of nerve for me to risk even getting seen going to listen to a guy named Nicky Cruz that talked about God. But his story and transformation was so compelling that something told me that I had to go see him. He made a huge impression on me, and I still count going to see him speak as a highlight. Thank you for sharing, Nicky.


hi, i just finished Run Baby Run and I was really impressed how God changes lives. We have to wake up to see the reality: how many people need our help.i want to suggest something: people all around the world don”t despise the problems around you and the people who have it . If you can not do anything please just pray. they need our prayer. thanks ( niko from east europe)

Caitlin & Manisha

We have learnt alot about your life and we are interested to know more about you and your life.
May you tell us when your movie is coming out as we are really excited about seeing it!


Dear Nicky,
I don’t know if you will ever read this, but to those who will, I want them to know that your book was an amazing story, like amazing grace; you were once blinded by hate and now can see his love, you were once a wrench bound in sin, but was set free…Oh what amazing grace….May prayers and love come your way…your unknown but caring sister in Christ, Hannah


i read this book when i was 8 years old. im 50 now….and im going to read it again. it was fascinating

Rebecca Gutierrez

I gave my heart to the Lord on March 28, 1979. It was immediately after watching “The Cross and the Switchblade,” the movie depicting Nicky’s story. My life has NEVER been the same. All glory and honor be to God almighty.


In a summer night of 1979, I was searching and crying out for the one and only true living God among the many gods I had heard of and some I had worshiped to reveal Himself to me. Early the next morning, I was prompted strongly in the spirit to read ‘Run Baby Run” by Nicky Cruz given to me many weeks before but which I ignored. As I began reading it, something really really strange started to happen. Firstly, every word jumped out at me and made so much sense. I found answers to so many questions I had about Christianity in that book. Secondly, as I was reading and nodding my head away, a very warm feeling started to rise up from my belly making me feel so deeply loved. Words cannot express that love. I had never in my life felt so loved before. Then suddenly I felt the presence of the Lord Jesus in front of me. I couldnt see Him but somehow I knew it was Him. He said to me,’ I am the true living God , why dont you believe in me.’ At that point, I was so overwhelmed that I burst out into tears and couldnt help but kept saying, ” Jesus, you are so real, I believe in you.” Meanwhile the very warm feeling continued to rise until it came out of my mouth. At that point, Jesus left. For someone who was worshiping other gods and had never heard of the Holy Spirit and knew nothing about the Bible, it is truly by the love and grace of God that I am saved. God has used the story of Nicky Cruz to reach out to me. Thank you.


omg u legend you inspired me to behave


i think u are one of the most inspiering role models
espescially how you changed your life . i respect you!

Judy Pizana

I was 17 and my church talked about you like we knew you. That same year you came to my high school in Aurora, IL. The east side is nothing but gangs but that day in school when you asked you wanted to know Christ there was no gangs in that stage. I will never forget you and I am now 38. Nicky keep doing what you are doing…


i asked for the book run baby run for my 15th birthday on the 24th and got it! and seriously, the BEST book i have ever read! i grew up watching the cross and the switchblade and hope to do street gang ministry someday. Nickys story really means alot to me :) “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an exaple for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.” 1 timothy 4:12


I first read Run Baby Run and also The Cross and the Switch Blade when I was in junior high school back in the 70′s. Even as one of the goodie goodie kids, it had a profound effect on me. I became a Christian at a youth rally not long after that. I have had the profound pleasure of watching The Cross and the Switch Blade with my daughters now. They want to read the books. Both are Christians and members of Christian clubs in their schools. May God continue to bless your ministry. Thank you so much Nicky for being such a wonderful role model. You have had an impact on me and it has lasted to the next generation so far…


Happy Birthday Nicky


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